Over the years I have performed in house concerts from Maine to Mississippi. However In November of 2013 I released Till & Mule at an outdoor house concert  at my home in Nashville, TN. It was a magical evening that I will never forget. Although i continue to play in a variety of  venues, this record especially lends itself to an intimate setting and a local economy of neighbors and friends. If you are interested in booking a 2014 / 2015 house concert with me you can email me  personally.

Here are some videos and pictures from a handful of indoor and outdoor house concerts....


"I've heard Julie perform in different settings and with a variety of musicians. When we invited her to perform a house concert, we knew it would be a wonderful experience. The best way to describe it? Even our guests who met and heard her for the first time said it was like spending an evening with a good friend who blessed us with her songs and her stories." 
- Thomas Kleinert (house concert host)

"From the moment Julie's voice fills the room, her melodic sound and honest lyrics remind one of sitting on the porch sipping tea and soaking in God's grace and beauty. Julie entertains with her stories that weave through her music, and takes the listener to a place that captivates your soul."

- Nancy Kleinert