1. How He Lied

From the recording Julie Lee & The Baby-Daddies

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Co- Write by Bill Tennyson (Cosmic Redneck Love Songs/ ASCAP)
& Julie Lee (Still House Road Music / Sesac) 2009


How he Lied.......

i sat staring out my windowpane
cold rain pouring down
knowing where he headed when he drove away
was the cheating side of town
never ever thought that i could sink this far
how bad a broke heart hurts
so i soaked the pain he caused me in a whiskey jar
and that just made it worse

now two devils curse my memory
two memories haunt my mind:
how much i loved him (i loved hii-i-m)
and how... he..... lied

well....i had murder on my mind
and a .44 in my hand
scared to death, soaking wet ,standing at the door
of a soon to be dead man
i kicked it down and stormed straight in
found 'em lying there in bed
felt something like a fire flash under my skin
all i saw was red

(chorus)+ (instumental chorus)

broken dreams and shattered vows
Two shots fired ...two lovers fell....
Two women 6 feet in the ground....
One man left in a living hell

where two devils curse his memory
& two memories haunt his mind:
how much i loved him (i loved him)
and how he lied

ohhhhhh how he lied
how he lied.........